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Mumbai Local Train From Andheri To Churchgate at 09:00 AM

Travelling Andheri to Churchgate
Distance 22 km
Estimated Travel time 28 to 37 min
II Class one side Ticket: Rs. 10
I Class one side Ticket: Rs. 90

Train Details Andheri Churchgate
Vasai Road → Churchgate09:00 AM09:33 AM
Borivali → Churchgate09:01 AM09:46 AM
Virar → Mumbai Central09:03 AM09:36 AM
Andheri → Churchgate09:05 AM09:52 AM
Borivali → Churchgate09:06 AM09:40 AM
Borivali → Churchgate09:09 AM09:55 AM
Goregaon → Churchgate09:09 AM09:43 AM
Andheri → Churchgate09:13 AM10:01 AM
Borivali → Churchgate09:16 AM10:04 AM
Virar → Churchgate09:17 AM09:49 AM
Borivali → Churchgate09:20 AM10:07 AM
Virar → Churchgate09:20 AM09:52 AM
Borivali → Churchgate09:23 AM09:56 AM
Virar → Churchgate09:25 AM09:59 AM
Virar → Churchgate09:25 AM09:59 AM
Andheri → Churchgate09:26 AM10:11 AM
Vasai Road → Churchgate (#)09:28 AM10:02 AM
Borivali → Churchgate09:28 AM10:14 AM
Virar → Churchgate09:31 AM10:06 AM
Andheri → Churchgate09:36 AM10:23 AM
Borivali → Churchgate09:39 AM10:27 AM
Goregaon → Churchgate09:40 AM10:12 AM
Bhayandar → Churchgate (ladies special on sun general)09:42 AM10:30 AM
Andheri → Churchgate09:45 AM10:33 AM
Virar → Churchgate09:45 AM10:20 AM
Borivali → Churchgate09:48 AM10:24 AM
Borivali → Churchgate09:48 AM10:36 AM
Andheri → Churchgate09:50 AM10:39 AM
Virar → Dadar09:51 AMNo HaltConnecting trains from Dadar
Borivali → Churchgate09:56 AM10:29 AM
Borivali → Churchgate09:59 AM10:45 AM
Virar → Churchgate10:00 AM10:32 AM

Meaning of Signs
X - Will Not run on Sundays.
$ - 3 coaches reserved for Lady commuters
# - Will run with 9 Car rake in lieu of 12 Car rake on Sundays.


Note :
CR : Mumbai Central Railway
WR : Mumbai Western Railway
HR : Mumbai Harbour Railway
TV : Mumbai Thane Vashi Panvel Railway
MM : Mumbai Metro
MO : Mumbai Monorail

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