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Photos presented in this gallery are private collection of Photographers associated with xtour.in All the Photos are clicked and fully owned by respective Photographers.

Photos used on this website are low resolution copyrighted watermarked copies. In case if you are interested to use any of these photos for articles or authoring or any kind of publishing, you can consume these without removing the watermark. No editing should be performed while consuming these images for whatsoever purpose. Photos should be used without any intention to discredits xtour.in website or associated Photographers. Appreciate if you drop us a comment or mail with details of assignments, projects or websites, where these images are being consumed. We'll be more than happy to promote you on our website. Failing to abide above guidelines while consuming photos from xtour.in will be treated as criminal offense and necessary action will be taken against the culprit.

You can purchase any of these images at affordable cost from photographers associated with xtour.in. Once purchased you'll receive unedited high resolution copy of the image with no watermark for publishing purpose where you can do any kind of editing as if you own that image. You may not resale purchased photos or monitise in any form for more than the value paid to our photographers.

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